Meca EVO Handbrake

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Disponible sur commande | Expected availability September 30th 2023 (new orders only)

Our handbrake is developed in cooperation with real rally drivers, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of passing the hairpin through the handbrake.

Disponible sur commande | Expected availability September 30th 2023 (new orders only)

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It is said that passing a turn sideways isn’t one of the fastest, but the feeling when you do it is priceless

and that’s why we invited the most professional rally drivers to develop this handbrake. Our handbrake has a perfect length and the right toughness, which you can adjust to your preferences thanks to two polyurethanes. The lever itself can be positioned and of course there is also a replaceable head.

Made from 4mm thick steel with a surface treatment

VReplaceable lever head

The lever head is mounted on the M10 thread and can be replaced by a self-made head.

Proven load cell

The Mavin load cell sensor with a maximum possible load of 200kg takes care of the power transmission. It’s the same sensor that’s used on the Meca EVO1 brake pedal.

Fully adjustable

Thanks to the replaceable polyurethanes, you can adjust the shift length of the brake and its toughness. The proven bowl system takes care of the protection of polyurethanes.


  • Quality and strong construction
  • The length of the lever is derived from a real race car
  • Replaceable polyurethanes for setting the shift length and toughness
  • Proven 200kg Mavin Loadcell sensor
  • Lever mounting in bearings
  • Replaceable lever head for custom made (M10 thread)
  • Possibility of positioning the entire handbrake
  • Attachement to rig via grooves in the structure
  • Custom design electronics

  • Meca EVO Handbrake
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • 4x screw M6x30
  • 8x steel washer 6mm
  • 4x plastic washer 6mm
  • Set of polyurethanes – 2x black (70Sh), 1x blue (80Sh), 1x Orange (90Sh)

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Poids 3 kg


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