Meca EVO1 – Baseplate

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Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung | Expected availability March 24th 2023

Baseplate for Meca EVO1 pedals

Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung | Expected availability March 24th 2023

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The new baseplate with a fully adjustable heel plate also contributes to perfect ergonomics.

The primary part for fastening the pedals is made of extruded aluminum. The entire baseplate forms a very compact and solid base for large load forces that act on the individual pedals, especialy the brake pedal – up to 136kg. As a result,, there is no undesirable bend. High variability ensures that everyone finds the perfect position for their races.


  • Base part from extruded aluminum
  • Adjustable Heel plate, height wise and distance wise
  • Compact and very solid base for large load forces
  • High modularity and precise settings according to the user’s needs
  • Standard holes are available for mounting on the simulator

  • Extruded aluminum baseplate
  • Fully adjustable heel rest plate
  • 4x hex screw M8x20
  • 4x steel washer 8mm
  • 4x plastic washer 8mm
  • 4x square-Neck carriage bolt
  • 4x hex cup nut
  • 4x steel washer
  • 4x plastic washer
  • 4x flat countersunk bolt M6x16
  • 18x T-Nut M6
  • 12x hex screw M6x18
  • 12x steel washer 6mm
  • 12x plastic washer 6mm
  • 4x hex screw M8x40
  • 4x nut M8
  • 4x steel washer

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