Meca EVO1 – Clutch

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Additional clutch pedal for Meca EVO1 pedals

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With our clutch you will love every shift of your historic racing car.

The degressive style of our clutch aims at the most faithful feeling you have in a real car. The pedal is equipped with a total of four springs, thanks to which everyone can adjust the stiffness according to their preference. In addition, the stiffness can be adjusted using the groove in the pedal. Load cell sensor ensures accurate power transmission. The pedal faceplate can be height-adjusted and you can also set the angle of the pedal.


  • 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Adjustable pedal angle Adjustable position forward/backward, left/right
  • Height-adjustable pedal face plate (Balotin stainless steel)
  • Degressive style clutch – simulation of clutch compression in a real car
  • Large variation of settings and fine tuning
  • Equipped with 4 tension springs, can be changed according to the user
  • Springs can be removed – 4 springs (max)- 1 spring (min)
  • Load cell sensor
  • Ball bearing rotation axis housing
  • Clutch pedal
  • 4x  screw M6x18
  • 4x T-Nut
  • 4x Steel washer
  • 4x plastic washer

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